Velez and Associates is a full service Real Estate Probate company
    and has a wide range of services which can help you when you need
    it the most.


    We will evaluate the current value of the property in today’s market
    with the Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). The CMA will produce
    recent sales and current listings in the area to help you price your
    property correctly and maximize it’s value.


    Our Advisers will assist you with the liquidation of all of the personal
    property, if needed. We will setup appointments with charities, help
    you sell your items online and guide you through the entire liquidation
    process from start to finish.


    Our cleaning crews and handymen will clean the property and take
    great care of the valuable and memorable items in the property. Let us
    worry about the details.


    Your property will be fully secured by our team and we will visit the
    property regularly as needed for safety precautions.  For Executors

    who are out of the immediate area, our team will be your eyes
    and ears at all times to monitor and protect the property.


    Our creative and dedicated team of staging experts help prepare the
    property to be presented in its best light.  Staging is known to be a
    proven method to produce the top dollar you are looking for with the
    property looking its absolute best

    Probate Marketing

    Our experience, technology, and resources allow us to list, market,
    and sell the property at it’s maximum value as efficiently as possible,
    while not compromising your bottom line. We want to give you a
    seamless experience with our support team available around the clock
    to support your needs.

    Who We Serve

    Attorneys work with Velez & Associates because of our experience
    with client needs, forms, terms, and procedures of the probate
    process. We can uniquely provide fast turnarounds and unparalleled
    customer service. Because we have great relationships with Court
    Clerks, Attorneys, and Trustees we can efficiently communicate with
    them throughout the process so you do not have to.

    Velez & Associates, has years of experience working with families,
    executors, and administrators during these difficult times. We believe
    we can help you successfully close out the estate and help manage
    the relationships of all parties involved. We will be there to advise and
    guide you smoothly through the probate process.


    Velez & Associates has worked with and helped many heirs through
    the probate process over the years. We understand the pain of losing
    a loved one and the added stress of closing out their estate. Our goal
    is to answer all of your questions and be there to support you with all
    of your real estate needs.